The Order of Malta (Singapore)

Twice each year, the Newsletter Subcommittee of the Order of Malta (Singapore) publishes a newsletter eponymously¬†titled, “The Order”.

In addition to showcasing the multi-faceted activities of the Singapore Association, “The Order” is filled with interesting articles pertaining to the Order of Malta at large, including trivia about its exciting history, heroes, and other tales guaranteed to captivate both newcomer and enthusiast alike. Also, each newsletter endeavours to detail a tentative list of upcoming events organised by the association.

Published Issues

Inaugural Issue of The Order – Jan 2014

The Order – Jul 2014

The Order – Jan 2015

The Order – Jul 2015

The Order – Jan 2016

The Order – Jul 2016

The Order – Jan 2017

The Order – Jul 2017

The Order – Jan 2018

The Order РJuly 2018